Monday, 20 February 2012

"Dick Barrie Bands" Banjo Uke

Here is a re-badged GH & Sons Melody uke.

This was quite common among instrument makers, especially GH &S.

Takes nothing away from the uke though. in fact i'd say this is an upgraded model.
notice the sleeve guard, and ornamental fret markers. also fitted with tone ring.
a very well made uke that is great to play. has a real BU sound too. ideal for a bit of Formby!

Now on its way back to owner. A family treasure with great history, well worth restoring.

Dallas-E Banjo ukulele

Heres a few pics of the top model Dallas BU.

Sadly now sold, but heres to the next uke!

A very nice uke, big and heavy. But once you get used to playing it...Awesome!

Complete with custom fitted case.

a Mystery Uke? Do you know who made it? or where it came from?

Heres a few pictures of a uke i recently restored.
it has no makers name anywhere.
weighing only 12 oz (350g) its very light. that includes the tuners i put on, so the uke itself probably only weighs about 9 oz

Do you know anything about this uke?

it has a ringing tone, with quite a bit of volume. fitted with aquila strings.
i finished the uke with a few coats of tru-oil.