Sunday, 11 December 2011

Original Condition Slingerland Maybell from 1920s Chicago

Here we have a fantasic little uke. The Maybell, made by the Slingerland Drum & Banjo Company in Chicago, around the 1920s.

Made in Birds eye Maple, 12 tension hooks, heavy bezel with nice engraved tailpeice.
This particular uke is in its original condition, apert from some new strings. The vellum is stamped"Slingerland prof tone"
It even has the original Grover bridge.
The only work required was a repair to the original nut, as you can see in the photos.
There are no dings, or dents. The frets are all in good condition as are the tuning pegs. On the fretboard there are three MOP fret markers.
Also included is the very rare original case. i have only ever seen one fo these before, and that was rotten. This one is in very fine order.

For 90+ years this little uke is in very good condition.

To play it has that fantastic vintage sound, nice tone, and perfect volume.
A real joy to play.

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  1. I have one of these, bought from the States recently - identical except it has 16 tension hooks, (model 18?) a bird's eye maple resonator, and the original case in good condition but with a mousehole thrown in for free! It's a beauty - :D