Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Gibson UB-2

A restored Gibson UB-2. Now in perfect condition. Do Banjo ukes get any better than this?
Perfect tone & volume. lightweight and comfortable to hold. Made at the zenith of Banjo ukulele production by one of the very best instrument makers around. This uke now holds number 1 spot in my prized collection. The uke was dismantled and all the metal work was sonic cleaned until it looked as shiny as new. the wood was cleaned, and re-finished with tru-oil. a new vellum was fitted along with some Aquila strings. it now sounds and looks amazing. Complete with fitted hard case (which i can supply if anyone wants one)


  1. I would like to know if you have any advice for restoring a UB-2 original case? It's in pretty rough shape and has lost it's handle. It is such a sweet old case though I would like to fix it up. Or would it be smarter to just save it and buy a new one?

  2. yes, cases are hard work. is it a hard case or soft bag one?

    i dont tend to bother with the old cases if there shot.
    if its a decent uke, i put them in good hard cases