Sunday, 1 July 2012

Gibson UB-3 Deluxe

Here is the Daddy of them all! The Gibson UB-3 Deluxe. Fitted with big resonator. inlaid fretboard & peghead. This uke has been re-chromed & polished. now its all back looking like new. The woodwork was very carefully cleaned and re-finished with Tru-oil. Even the tuning pegs got re-chromed too! This is without doubt the best uke i have ever seen, played and restored. The only downside is that it is not mine!!! It has now gone back to its owner, although i did play on it for a day first! I thought the UB-2 was good..until i played this one! if you ever get the chance to own one of these GRAB IT!


  1. Gorgeous, Simon. Great job on what is my favorite uke.

  2. Thanks Simon for the great job you have done on my Gibson UB3,it looks fantastic and plays brilliantly you have set it up perfectly for my style of playing,i would not hesitate in sending you further projects or restoration work once again thanks so much for all the trouble you went to for me,i will take great care of it.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Greetings. Lovely work on the Gibson. I was curious. After cleaning, did you apply tru-oil over the existing Gibson factory finish? Any tips for working with tru-oil in that sort of scenario?

  4. Thanks. Yes I did coat over the original finish. Applied lightly, finely sanding in between coats.