Thursday, 10 January 2013

Musima Banjo ukulele

Here's a Musima Banjo Uke, made in the old East Germany in the 1960/70's. Paul, the owner wanted the plastic head removing and a calf skin vellum fitting. I also removed the nasty old varnish finish, and re-finished it with Tru-oil. These ukes look to be based on the Dallas design, they seem similar to the later model Dallas ukes that pop up on Ebay from time to time. Its a well made uke with a flat back resonator. They also have a metal perch pole fitted in for adjusting the neck, and a zero fret. Once completed, it sounds great. Not too loud, and the tone was very pleasant! I was very pleased with the finished job, and Paul was too.
They are easy to hold and play too. Well worth picking one up if you see one!

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