Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Maybell-Slingerland model 24

Another of my favourite ukes.

Made by the Slingerland drum company in Chicago, probably between 1920-30.

These are very well made instruments. Made for professionals, they have a great tone. They really have that USA sound. A very underated manufacturer.

i think this is the third one of these i have done. See if you can find the others on the blog!

As for the restoration, i stripped back the old finish (apart from the decal on the headstock, see picture) Then re-finished with tru-oil. The hardware has been re-chromed, new tuners and a nut were needed. Then completed with a calf skin vellum & GHS clear strings.

Check out the bizarre painted vellum!

16 Tension hooks give excellent tone

Perfectly set action

8.5 inch vellum, with fitted Brass tone-ring

Notice how we left the original decal

Look at the grain in the wood!

Stamped Slingerland 24

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