Saturday, 15 March 2014

Unique Gold Plated Ludwig Wendell Hall

Here we have a very special instrument.
Gold plated with 24k Gold, gives a stunning effect.
A one of a kind special!

I bought this uke and it was in a very poor condition. Some one had given it a coat of varnish with a brush!

The uke was stripped back to the natural wood, and then re-finished in my usual style with Tru-oil. It has a slight shine, and the wood grain is clear to see.

All the metal work was quite tarnished and worn so i decided to gold plate. I'm pretty new to gold plating, and i'd say its not perfect. But it does look very good.

New tuners were fitted, of course i gold plated those too! i even gold plated all the screws to complete the look.
This Ludwig has a black edging round the pot. My other has a white stripe.

Once the calf skin vellum was fitted, the uke went back together. These Ludwig's always fit back together very well. A sign of the quality of construction.

The sound is as clear as any other Ludwig i have played. The fretboard does show some wear, and the decal on the headstock is slightly worn, but i thought it added character leaving it as it is.

A lot of hours work, but a very satisfying uke to restore, and now for sale!

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What a Mess!

De-tarnished metal work

Now gold plated

Re-finished wood with Tru-oil

Almost done!

The light shines off the gold

A custom finish, one of a kind!

And alongside my original Wendell Hall

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