Saturday, 1 October 2011

Mahalo Flying V Ukulele

Heres a few pictures of a customised flying V.
its the standard Mahalo model.
First i had to strip off the glossy finish, this took some doing! there was about 10 coats on it.
then it was all sanded down real smooth.
My wife painted on the flame details with oil paints, then i completed the finish with several coats of Tru-oil.
the finish now is lovely and shiny.
I complted the job with a new nut made form Corian ( donated by Timbuck)
and aquilla strings.
The uke is made from that fine chinese wood of the ply tree. the neck looks like Meranti.
Either way i'm pleased with the job, i think its more interesting that the boring black finish.
Playing wise, its quite quiet, ideal for playing indoors when the kids are in bed!
The sound is ok too.
To hold you need to put your arm through the V, its a bit like holding a new born baby!

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome

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  1. Hello, nice job on customizing the ukulele! I'm thinking of stripping the paint off a used Mahalo U30, any suggestions? I'm thinking of removing it by hand... do you know how long that would take? Thanks!