Sunday, 25 September 2011

Windsor Whirle

i have just spotted one of these on ebay, so i thought i would share one of the ones i've had.

The Windsor Whirle, made in Birmingham in the 1930s.

A good solid uke, well made with nice fittings.

Now i dont know if its the case with all Windsor ukes, but the two i have had, both attached the strings through the bezel instead of using a tailpeice.
this works well although in theory it should reduce the tension on the skin, however i found them to be excellent ukes at around the £100 mark.

They look to be made from Rosewood, which polishes up very nice
This model has an 8 inch pot with 8 tension hooks, also of note are the quite unusual all metal tuners and inserted resonator.


  1. I have found one of these but the machine heads slip. Did you replace yours?

  2. No, mine worked fine. Theres no shame in replacing tuners. The uke isn't much out of tune!

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