Sunday, 18 September 2011

i like wooden ukes too!

Heres my Uke collection.

from left to right,

Ken Timms Soprano
Sky lark Palm tree decal Soprano with original box
My Glorious wifes Limeted edition Koa Mahalo ( its my wife thats glorious, not the uke!)
Eleuke Electric Soprano
Mahalo "les paul"
Kala Sopranino Mahogany
Republic Resonator
Custom made job, cant remember who made it! made from meranti and something else!
Kala Archtop- an awesome uke!
unbranded Baritione- tuned GCEA, i know, im too lazy to learn it in Bari tuning!
my slingerland maybell and an original keech BU, gave to me by the guy who owned it from new!

i have added a few to that collection, more of them later

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