Sunday, 18 September 2011

Welcome to the Ukulele Restoration Barn!

Hi and welcome,

i have finally got round to creating a blog based on all the BUs i have owned and restored over the last few years.

i dont know how many i have done, but its quite afew and i aim to show them here.

Each uke is restored and re-built, and i would like to show and document the process that is involved.

i also buy any old ukes, son if you have one, and you want to sell. get in touch

i also offer a full repair service. if you have a uke that needs help, or a new skin? feel free to get in touch. i recently completed a full overhaul for £50 including postage both ways.

once again welcome, i hope you might find these pages of interest

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sir,

    Congratulations for your beautiful and useful website,

    I have a new particular Project with a few friends about the ancestries of the Ukulele: The Machete.

    It´s a Virtual Museum in homage to a relative of min. He was a collector and musician.

    The Machete is for me the most important, but I am interested in all instruments from Madeira Island (Portugal)

    I have already a few good instruments from the XIX century.

    You can see it on:

    With clicking on Instrumentos, you go to the page of the Machetes, and Machetinhos.

    The Machete number 6, is an Machete built in May 2012 by Maker Carlos Jorge Pereira Rodrigues, that is the only Maker in Madeira that still making Machetes, Machetinhos, Raj√£o, and Viola de Arame with original woods fro Madeira and original forms.

    I am very interested on buy this kind of old and antique instruments.

    If you have any for sale, or know anybody that have it, please let me know.

    Please feel free to ad my website to your contacts . Will apreciate.

    Thank you in advance.


    Norberto Gomes