Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Broadcaster

The Broadcaster range, made by Margolin in london.
These were very ornate looking instruments, although in reality were just covered in a thin pearlesque veneer. although the resonator plate is quite nice, but it didnt really fit very well.
Very similar to the Sunray range of BUs
Decent enough to play with a ok sound, better to look at really!

This particular uke caused me no end of trouble!
i sold it to a guy in France, posted it off as usual. a week later he tells me it hasnt arrived. 3 months later and endless phonecalls and emails i find out it is being despached back to the UK. next day i get an email from someone in Liverpool. turns out i had re-cycled a cardboard box and the courier posted it to them! Kindly he returned it to me, and i used a different courier to re-send it back to France. The buyer got it in the end, and was delighted with it, and delighted that i never gave up in sorting it out. A very satisfied customer from the Ukulele Restoration Barn!!

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