Tuesday, 20 September 2011

a late model post war Dallas-C

Here we have a interesting model C.

There are some thoughts that the post war made Dallas instruments were made up from left over spare parts, also the factory burnt down at some point, and they were then made by other makers?
Either way some models were different from the pre war ones, and this is an example of them. The model serial numbers were stampted on the heel, and the metal work and finish was different.
This looks more like a George Houghton & sons Melody uke to me.

If anyone has more info on Dallas ukes i would be interested to know

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  1. I don't have any information, Simon, but I have seen more of these post-war Dallas Cs come up for sale here in the states than I have seen the prewar models.

    My buddy Frank has a mint condition Houghton Melody that he lets me play and it really does seem to have that same incomplete flange like the above, down to similar if not identical shapes on those plates.

    Dallas using Houghton hardware seems entirely plausible, though they may just have copied the plates in light of metal shortages.