Tuesday, 31 January 2012

George Formby Dallas-B

Here is a Dallas-B. My favourite uke to restore.
So good i've done 6 of them.
A nice starter BU, easy to hold, lightweight, with a decent tone & volume.
This particular one was stripped down from the tatty old finish. i find they look much nicer naturally finished. These were made from Rosewood, but originally finished with a nasty red glazed varnish. These ukes have a very heavy solid bezel, and nice flange round the resonator too.


  1. Do you sell any of these Ukes? If so how much for?

  2. Hi David, a lot of these are to sell. A few are from my own collection, and the rest are restored for others.
    If there is a uke you after, please email me at simonb250@hotmail.com