Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Jolli-Joe. The U.K Uke

Heres an unusual uke, The Jolli-Joe. an all metal uke. bit of a collectors peice this one. Paint work still in very nice order, and very blue too!
Not a lot of restoring on these, this was in especially good order to begin with.
Once i cleaned it up, and polished the metal work it looked fab!
Sold to someone in the USA who loved ukes and blue things...so i guess this uke was perfect for them!
Not the best sounding uke though, and tricky to set up right too


  1. I see one has just come up for sale on ebay!

  2. i have just taken delivery of another of these ukes...look out for details soon...

  3. I have one of these. Looking for a new skin....