Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gretsch Claraphone i Believe!

Looking at the style of headstock, and unusual design of adding soundholes around the pot leads me to believe that this is a Gretsch made BU. It may well not be, so if you know different please let me know. Either way, its a cracking uke. Well balanced with a rich tone. its 16 tension hooks, and 8 inch pot give great volume and tone. The soundholes around the pot give it a mellow sound too. quite unusual these are! The headstock has a decal that says " Illinois Guaranteed" Who knows what that means? Have a look at the pics and decide for yourself. Its had a new vellum fitted, along with new tuners. as well as Aquila strings and new bridge. It has a really nice flat plate resonator which makes it very easy to hold. It has a few dings and dents here and there, a bit of repair at the 14th fret. Currently for sale

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