Sunday, 14 October 2012

Concertone Banjo uke (made by Slingerland)

Here is a branded uke, made by Slingerland. it is basically a Maybell model 20. but branded on the perch pole with the Concertone stamp. A very nice sounding uke, lightweight, but very well made. it has a great volume, and that "old time radio" sound coming through the calf skin vellum. On the restoration job, i stripped off the dirt and tarnish off the hooks, fitted new tuning pegs. the original ones were no good. added a good quality calf-skin and a set of Aquilas.


  1. I have one almost identical. I would like to know if it's worth upgrading the tuners and bridge with some new strings to start playing with it, or is it just a wall hanger?

  2. Hi James,
    yes its worth fixing it up. this uke is too good to be a wall hanger

  3. In that case, what tuners should I use and where can I find a correct size bridge?

  4. have a look on ebay
    tuners here

    and bridge
    hope that helps