Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Banjo Ukuleles for Sale

Xmas is coming, and so are all the Banjo Ukes! The Banjo Ukulele is really taking off at the moment, the Ukulele craze shows no sign of letting up, and now Banjo Ukes are becoming very sought after. old favourites such as George Formby are still hugely popular, just look on youtube to see all the young kids playing his style. I have a few ukes for sale, of varying price scales. I've bought a few for my collection, so of course some have to be sold too! for example; Slingerland model 20 Slingerland model 24 Unknown model Slingerland with resonator 2 x Melody major's. these are almost the same as the Dallas-B A Gretch style, stamped "made in Illinois" Jolli-Joe. the UK uke. this is the all metal BU All these are available, with a discounted price when bought direct through this site. Please enquire for prices Also keep an eye on this site for new posts... i have a few new acquisitions that i am looking forward to posting


  1. Do you service ukuleles. Colin www.ukeplayer.co.uk

  2. Hi Colin,

    yes i can service, set up. re-build. anything you need

  3. id like toknow the prices of the items u have for sale

  4. Hi Shaun,
    please drop me an email to simonb250@hotmail.com
    then i can send more info.