Sunday, 2 September 2012

Slingerland Maybell model 24

Described in the original 1930s catalogue as " Genuine walnut throughout, 8 inch shell all professional model. equipped with heavy centred grooved top band, heavy cast brackets, flat head hooks, highly polished. Duco finished natural walnut colour. a very popular seller. price $12.00" Unbelievable $12. thats only £6!! I would add, a very powerful instrument. nice to play. great tone and good, loud but not unpleasant rich volume. Comparable to a Gibson UB-2 in most aspects, but about half the price! (in 1930 and today) This uke is currently for sale. please enquire for prices.


  1. That's a beauty! I thought my Slingerland was a model 24 - but it's not like this so it can't be! A puzzle. You really do a great job on them!

  2. No - mistaken - I thought my Slingerland was a model 18. Getting mixed up.