Sunday, 2 September 2012

i think its called a U-King?

Heres an unusual uke. wooden neck, but with metal pot, and brass resonator. Arrived to me in a very poor state. I stripped the neck and re-finished. cleaned up the metal pot, removed the rust from the hooks, fitted new hooks, vellum, tuners & bridge. Now a very nice little instrument. good tone and decent volume, not loud or tinny. The owner had described it to me as" my biggest challenge yet!" These battered old ukes are becoming my speciality!


  1. Wow! Hard to believe that's the same uke.

  2. thanks!
    but yes, it is the same uke

  3. I think your banjolele is actually made by the Bruno Company. They made musical instruments of all types. The uke you have has a distinctive "Gumby" headstock. That makes me believe it once had a Maxitone decal on the headstock. U-King is the company that made the tail piece.
    I have uke made by Bruno but it has a different headstock and the resonator is all chromed steel.
    It has a bright sound but is very loud.

  4. I just bought one of these on Goodwill auctions, no resonator, though. Very good shape, usable head, little rust. Just needs a new nut and maybe tuners and I think it's good to go.

  5. Yes, I believe that Bruno would be correct. A Bruno Maxitone. I've just been researching these instruments all over the internet. Also, I watched a movie last night called "The Optimists" starring Peter Sellers in which he plays one of these instruments.