Monday, 3 September 2012

Slingerland Maybell model 30, or is a 65?

Heres another maybell, this time its a very grand model. This uke is rare too, i have never seen one of these before. I imported this one from the USA. This is more like the top of the range maybell, quite similar to a Gibson UB-3. It has a fantastic carved wooden resonator, 16 tension hooks. made from walnut and maple
. This is a big, heavy, powerful instrument. Ideally suited to be played in a music hall, or with a band. It has a sweet tone, loud volume when required too, but i played it quite gently and it sounded superb. Fitted with the usual heavy grooved bezel, and has an inlaid fretboard. One thing missing is the veneer from the headstock. it was badly damaged, so I removed the rest of it. As for the what model it is? There are no markings on the perch pole, which would of helped! But it is definitely a Slingerland. Maybe it was made for another firm. that was quite common with Slingerlands. In the Slingerland catalogue i have, there a model 65, which looks the same, but only has 12 tension hooks. or theres the model 30, shown here... The model 30 has a metal flange around the resonator, similar to on the Dallas George Formby model C. If you know what model it is, please let me know. Its for sale too, please enquire for prices.

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