Sunday, 24 February 2013

La Venicia Banjo uke

Here is a very nice looking Banjo uke. Branded as La Venicia, and made by JR Stewart in Chicago. They made other branded ukes such as the La Domino Its a very well made instrument. good quality metal work, nice sturdy tailpiece. It looks like it was based on the Gibson UB-2 design. it is very similar in looks. What is unusual and rare on this uke is the painted vellum. I believe this La Venicia range were the only ones from the JRS factory which had painted vellums. It has no affect on the tone or playability either. and considering the age, it is in remarkably good condition. The only thing I changed on the uke was to fit some new tuning pegs. the original ones were in bad shape, with rusty screws and they didn't hold the tension. The neck is straight, and apart from a bit of paint flaking here and there, the uke is in very good order.

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