Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dick Barrie Band - Third edition!

Here is another model from the "Dick Barrie bands" brand. I have a bit of a soft spot for this brand, as the Dick Barrie was the very first uke I ever restored! It wasn't like this one however. This one looks to be UK in origin. I would expect from around the 1950's It looks very much like the late model Dallas-E ukes, which were in fact made by George Houghton & sons in Birmingham. And as the previous Dick Barrie uke I did was a re-branded GHS, points more towards the fact the they probably made this one! This particular uke has a 9 inch head and an 11 inch mounted resonator, that has some nice white binding on it. (again very similar to the late model Dallas-E) 12 tension hooks give a good solid tone, it has quite a loud clear volume too. It has that UK uke sound. loud, but slightly woolly! The uke is finished with a clear lacquer covering. Its all still intact, apart from a bit of flaking on the pot. The resonator is still in excellent condition. With a nice veneer on the back. The neck is quite short with only 13 frets. Its in good order, looking virtually untouched. No fret wear at all. The uke looks heavy, i'd say it is about the same as the Dallas D & E. but it is comfortable. Comes complete with very good, solid hard fitted case. it even has the key!!


  1. I have just purchased this instrument
    It is in beautiful condition and a good investment.
    It is nice to play and sounds great.
    I will spend many hours learning on this little lady.
    Thankyou strummingsimon

    Les from Essex

  2. I got a Dick Barrie bands banjo uke, would make a restoration project for somone, can anyone tell me anything about them

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  4. Sorry, i should have said, my name is Gray, i live in the manchester area.

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