Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ken Timms Banjolele

Here is my Ken Timms hand made Banjo-uke. Ken is a well renowned wooden ukulele maker, and his ukes are highly sought after. I am fortunate to own both, and also lucky enough to know Ken. He made only 5 or so Banjo ukes, and now only makes wooden ukes. My own wooden uke is covered here on this blog. The banjo uke is extremely well made and plays as good as anything i have ever played. i would suggest it is similar in sound to a Gibson UB-3. It is not too heavy, and the volume is just right. not at all tinny. The back resonator is very well made also, and is highly decorative. The finish is superb too, set up perfectly. it is a joy to play. Fitted with 14 tension hooks, and a three piece neck its lighter than Dallas-D even though its about the same size. Possibly my number 1 uke! Shown is the bottom photo along side the Ken Timms wooden uke

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