Monday, 8 April 2013

George Formby Dallas-D

Here is the Dallas-D. Endorsed by George Formby during the 1930's to 50's. They made 5 models from A to E. I think this one is probably the best. Made from birds eye Maple with Ebony inlays and an Ebony Fretboard and Peghead. Complete with George Formby badge. Serial no D/2088. These were made by John E Dallas & sons in London. this one was made during the 1930's. Formby played this model in a few of his films too! I dismantled the uke, and sonic cleaned all the metal work. its in very good condition with the original plating still in great condition. The finish was gently polished up to retain the sheen, and the fretboard has been dressed and polished too. Fitted with a new vellum & Galli strings which provide a clear tone and that classic British Banjolele sound. A really great uke, to be compared with best of banjo ukes, and highly desirable to as part of the GF range.

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  1. Hi

    I have just purchased a Dallas D off the Andy Eastwood site, I was aware of some damage, but when it arrived it seems more than I anticipated, The resonator which comes off with two wing nuts has been really damaged, the black bindings are gone, and two poxy self tapping screws hold it on (just) question is I don't suppose you know where there is a resonator? or can anything be done. Also how should it be held on, where do the 2 chrome finger screws go...any help appreciated, it sounds fine, but I'm a perfectionist.