Sunday, 12 May 2013

"Down South" Branded Banjo uke

The "Down south " was a brand produced by George Houghton & sons. Probably in the 1950's. quite basic construction. with a nice engraved flat plate resonator. These ukes were a budget range. Quite similar to the "marvel" branded ukes that GH&S also sold. This uke was in a very sorry state, it had sat in its owners cupboard for around 20 years. it was badly corroded, and also the pot was warped and looked to have had water damage at some point. I stripped the wood of its old finish, polished up the metal bits, re finished the wood with Tru-oil, fitted a new vellum, tuners & Aquila strings. its not the best uke i've ever done. but it was capable of a tune by the end.

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