Sunday, 12 May 2013

My own Ludwig Wendell Hall

I have recently obtained a superb condition Ludwig for my own collection, so i thought i would share a few pictures of it here!

I bought it from the USA, and i learned a little of its history, which is always great to know bearing in mind these old ukes have been around for 90 years.
Ludwig only made these ukes from the years 1927-30, and the Wendell hall model was the cheaper option from their range, which sold for around $30.

This uke had been bought from new in Chicago in 1930. It was played and enjoyed until its owner left the USA for England as part of the 8th Air Force. The uke was packed away, and upon his return the uke was stored away in its case for the next 65 years!!

Once i received the uke i dismantled it, and polished up all the woodwork. The frets are in fantastic condition, there is very little wear to the fretboard. The metal parts are in good condition, showing only small signs of tarnish, most of which polished off. A new vellum had been fitted recently, so that was one job i didnt need to do!! I replaced the Elton tuners with a set of vintage Grovers as the Eltons slipped a little. The uke still has the Ludwig label inside the resonator, and all the original binding, and wendell hall badge on headstock is complete.

One of the best condition Ludwig Wendell hall ukes i have seen, and glad to say it is mine!!



  1. That sure is a clean and beautiful instrument, Simon. :)

  2. thanks John.
    still dont know if i prefer the Gibson UB-2 over the Ludwig though.

  3. Hi, I'm based in the UK, and would really like to adjust the neck angle on my wendell Hall. Is this difficult to do?

  4. it can be difficult due to the design and construction of these ukes.
    have you considered changing the height of the bridge instead?

  5. Hi Simon, sorry for long time to reply. Yes the bridge is sanded down so low, it's literally non existant, hence the reason I'd like to alter the action, so I could use a higher bridge.

  6. Hi Lee, that doesnt sound good.
    as the neck of these ukes goes right through the pot, it makes harder to adjust.
    the end pin of the neck would either have to be raised a bit, or the hole in the pot, where the neck goes through would have to be lowered a bit.
    these ukes are normally built very well with good actions. is the neck still straight?
    can you email me a picture of the neck where it joins the pot?

  7. Hi Simon will do. When I get home I'll photo the bridge and neck. The action is ok at the moment, but I was told that the tone would be improved with a higher bridge?