Thursday, 4 July 2013

An unusual Walnut George Formby Dallas-D

Here is a bit of an unusual one.
Quite often these Dallas ukes pop up with different finishes. i've seen model E's with the flange from a model D, and vice versa. 
Here we have a D with a dark finish, and i'm told made from walnut instead of maple too.
Looking at the neck joint the wood does seem different.

I'm sure its not just a maple one painted. the finish round the binding is too neat.
On close examination the uke looks otherwise the same as a regular Maple one.
bit of a mystery really, if anyone has any info, please share it with me.
Its serial number is D/1411. So it was a early pre-war produced instrument.
Does this give any clues?

Who only knows? There are so many stories regarding these Dallas ukes.

One thing i can say, it plays very well and really sounds great. Maybe it is all in the wood?

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