Saturday, 19 October 2013

George Formby Dallas-E (pre war version)

Here we have the "top of the range" Model E, Dallas banjo ukulele.
Endorsed by George Formby. This one is numbered E/1300.

The instrument is in excellent condition, so it didnt need much restoring. I took the whole thing apart, cleaned and polished the wood, sonic cleaned the metal parts and then re-assembled.
Fitted with new vellum, bridge & GHS clear strings.

The original tuners work very well, and look as good as new!

The instrument itself plays very well. Has a very clear crisp tone. Its that classic UK Banjolele sound.
Can be very loud, but i find it doesnt need to played too hard, and produces a much better sound when gently strummed.

All the walnut veneer is in excellent shape, one very small scuff on the resonator. I have re-finished it, so it it almost invisible.
The original red velvet lined case is still there too, it is even padded.

Originally described as,

Top of the range of George Formby instruments made by John E. Dallas and Sons Ltd. being gold plated and having an inlaid pearl nameplate in the peg head. 
Has a walnut neck, walnut veneered maple body and resonator with edges bound in ebony cellulose, highly polished finish. Ebony fingerboard with ornamental mother of pearl position marks. Special internal geared pegs, 8 inch flush rim, extra heavy straining bezel, 12 sunk pull down tension rods, metal tone ring and tone plate.

(from the excellent site created by the late Dennis Taylor)

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