Saturday, 19 October 2013

Slingerland Maybell model 24 EDIT! or so i thought! its NOT a 24, so what is it?

Heres another Slingerland. One of my favourite brand of ukes.

These ukes were made from the 1920's onwards. This one is an early one, confirmed by the wooden dowel wedged in the perchpole.
I have fitted a flatback resonator to complete the look, as i believe this model had a resonator.

Its made from maple, looks to have been stained. I stripped most of the stain away to leave a nice effect of the grain showing through the stain.

Fitted with 16 tension hooks and Gibson UB-1 style shoes. These have been re-chromed, along with the bezel as they were in a poor state when i received it.

Plays very well, nice and comfy to hold, very sweet sounding uke with the right amount of volume.

I fitted new tuners, new vellum & GHS strings

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